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Putting my foot down... Finally

Well ive decided...i am not booking 2 rooms the night before my wedding for my bridesmaids...i have about had enough of their BS. im not spending almost 600 bucks for these girls. i cant justify it at this point. they have done nothing but give me a hard time and i have done enough.

does this make me a b-tch...because honestly... if they dont want to stay in one room, which is incredibly large to begin with, when i have done it plenty of times before, then i dont know what to tell them. they have the option to stay on the queen sized blow up matress, pull out couch ...or bed. but i am sleeping in a bed and thats final.
Its bad enough they wanted me to sleep on the floor at my own bachelorette party.
yet they havent even RSVPed my MOH a yes or no yet.

Re: Putting my foot down... Finally

  • i dont think this makes you in anyway unreasonable. these girls have been nothing but poorly behaved
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  • I can't believe they are complaining about that, it was very nice of you to pay for the room.  I have one questions and I am sorry if i missed the answer in a previouse post.  How many of you are sharing the room and can some of you share a bed?  
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  • 6 of us 2 queen sized beds and a pull out couch bed. Apparently the pull out was not good enough.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Putting my foot down... Finally</a>:
    [QUOTE]You are not required to spend money on a hotel room for your BMs the night before your wedding, although that is extremely generous of you. It sounds like they are not appreciative of your hospitality.
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    <div>This. I don't think you're being mean at all! I wouldn't spend that kind of money either!</div>
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