May 2012 Weddings

Shopping Checks!

So, I went to the store today to buy another ink cartridge so I could finish printing my favor labels. I ended up getting a lot more, lol!

- Wine glasses from the dollar store for my MOH and one BM (Now I need to decide how to decorate them)
- Plastic cups with lids and straws for the underage BMs
- Tubs and supplies for the bathroom kits at the reception
- Pink flip flops from Old Navy for myself, the BMs, and flower girl
- Pink and orange tank tops for myself, the BMs, and flower girl to get ready in (I'm going to see if FMIL will embroider them for me)
- A cute sundress for the HM

NWR: New comforter for the master bedroom (our new furinature finally came in!)

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