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May Wedding in Minnesota- Am I crazy to have the ceremony outdoors?!?

The venues my fiance and I are looking at seem to be extremely picked over for next spring/early summer.  Our favorite venue has 5/5/12 and 7/14/12 and nothing in June! 

We are leaning towards 5/5/12 but here's the thing: the reception venue has a beautiful outdoor patio with a gazebo and enough seating for all of our guests so we have been STRONGLY considering the cermony outdoors on the patio, then inside afterwards for the reception.

Am I crazy to have an outdoor ceremony in May in Minnesota?????? It could be beautiful but it could be far worse. 

Should we just take the 7/14/12 date??

Re: May Wedding in Minnesota- Am I crazy to have the ceremony outdoors?!?

  • Is tha patio covered? Can you rent heaters for the patio if its frigid? A girlfriend of mine got married at a ski lodge in veil on the deck outside but it was very nice. She rented industrial heaters to keep everyone warm as wella s left pashimas in baskets for all the laddies to snuggle up in.
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  • I am from Nashville so I have no clue what they weather is like in May in Miinnesota sooo I am no help....
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  • Try asking the brides on your local board, they may be a better help with the weather :)
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  • At least u can see what this years weather is like. Something to compare it to.
  • Is there a back-up plan?  Where in MN are we talking?  Northern, southern?

    I'm in southern WI and we're considering having our ceremony outdoors. We don't have to decide right away as there's a very capable indoor location at our venue as well.

    I'd say, if you want to go for the May date, make sure you have a back-up just in case it decides to snow or something.  I suppose I would have a back-up plan either way.  Otherwise, just go with the July date and you'll be a lot more confident in the weather.
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  • I'm having an outdoor wedding ceremony in MN in may! And I don't think I am crazy! Just be sure to have a back up plan! What venue are you looking at?
  • Definitely agree with having a back-up plan.  I'm from TX so our weather is veeeery different from yours;  however, our weather is incredibly unpredictable.  Last year we had a foot of snow in February.  This year, we were in the 80s by early March.  May is a pretty safe month in terms of it not being too cold, but it could be REALLY hot by May -- also could be rainy.  So we made sure to book a venue where if an outdoor wedding became impossible or uncomfortable, we could simply move it indoors at no extra cost.

    Sorry, wish I was more helpful!
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  • what is the average temperature for that weekend? I would look this up first and then go from here...

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