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Candy bar smart buys

For those of you doing candy bars at your receptions ... Today is a great day to hit stores like target, Walgreens, CBS etc. all valentines day candy is 30-50% off. Candy stays good for around 6 months if not opened. I'm lucking out because my candy bar is all pink.

Re: Candy bar smart buys

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    Oh and to add to that. Also Party City has candy already sectioned out into colors.
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    I've only checked out 2 stores so far, but they had nothing! I must have had to go out at 5am to get anything good :(

    I've got a couple of stores near me that I'm going to try on my lunch break....hope I find something!
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    FYI... a regular bag of Valentine's Hershey's Kisses contains between 20-23 red kisses.
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