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Happy Thursday!

Good morning!
   Brrr it's freezing out there!  Our thermometer is reading 30 degrees and this stinks!  Oh well...it's supposed to be around 80 tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. 
   I went to aeroboics last night and found out our last week is next week!  I hate when it ends, especially since I'll still have 8 weeks until the wedding-BOO!  Work was a mess yesterday, I had 2 parents call me and was on the phone for a half hour with each.  They were both upset about school, principal, and the children's regular ed teachers.  So I had to deal with that all day.
  I decided I wanted to do about 5 more DIY projects before the wedding, so I plan on shopping for those this weekend.  I am quite excited on it:-)  I have book club this evening, we read Tender at the Bone-so funny.
have a great day!
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Re: Happy Thursday!

  • gmc22gmc22 member
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    Good Morning!!
    I had a fun night last night - I met up w/ my best friend (and BM) and we went to Michaels for some things, Target, and then to Ruby Tuesday for a drink! We had a good time... Then I came home and watched America's Next Top Model (silly I know but I love it! lol). I'm looking forward to another lazy night... I need to soak them up b/c starting Monday I'm in hell with class 4 nights/week + full time job! lol - I hope I survive! Anyway, I hope everyone has a good day!!

    Heather - you continually amaze me with your DIY skills!! :) GL with the rest of the projects!! Can you believe your wedding is 8 WEEKS away?!? SO close!! :)


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    Good Morning Ladies,

    I was so exhausted last night, that all I did was dishes, put the groceries away that were delivered on time Surprised, they are usually very late, order Chinese and went to bed. It was so awesome, I went to sleep at 9:45 and didn't wake up until 6... much needed! I'm hoping I have motivation to get some things done at work!

    Tomorrow, my BFF who is very pregnant is visiting for the weekend! This is her last trip until she is due in June. Last week was her baby shower. It is so nice to see her 3 weekends in a row!

    H- Will another aerobics class start after this one ends? And I concur with G your DIY skills are so admirable!!

    G- I hope you enjoy your lazy evenings!
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    Good Morning! We went to Baskin Robbins last night with friends from our church for 31 cent scoop night, and to begin meeting to discuss our marriages, kind of like a "marriage tune-up." I think it will be very helpful for all of us. On another note, I'm a bit miffed that DH might have to work on Sat. I normally wouldn't care as much, but we made plans with our friends like 2 weeks ago. It's not a for sure yet, but I'll feel like a schmuck if I have to cancel (she got 4 free passes for a boat tour of the monuments). I know I should just be glad DH has a temp job, but I really want to go on this!

    H- Hope you have an easier day at work! What other DIY projects are you planning on?

    G and Jl- Sounds like you both had relaxing nights... I could really benefit from going to bed at 9:45!

  • LaFemmeRousseLaFemmeRousse member
    edited December 2011
    Late good morning, ladies.  I'm home sick today- still working, but trying not to infect the rest of my office :)  Last night I spent a couple of hours with FI listening to and figuring out wedding music, which was really nice.  We also met up with a bunch of friends for a very fun and tasty dinner at a new restaurant.  I probaby shouldn't have gone since I'm not feeling well, but oh well, peer pressure...

    Heather, I can't believe how close you're getting!  I always get bummed when my workout classes end too.
    G, glad you've been able to relax this week with no school!  I am so far behind on my ANTM right now.
    JL, glad you had a relaxing night too!  Have a great weekend with your friend.
    K, YUM for ice cream.  If your DH has to work, can you still go on the tour without him?

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    Yea, I could still go, but she has 4 tickets, so she'd have to find someone else to randomly go. We could always postpone it I guess (at least, I think we could....) Her FB status said that she's excited for this weekend. Undecided I was going to mention the possibility of DH working, but I think I'll wait to see if I have a text from him at lunch with any updates.

    Hope you feel better, LaFemme! I enjoyed picking out wedding music too- it was fun to listen to different songs and then pick out selections. It definitely helped me envision the day better.
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    Happy afternoon everyone.  I'm finishing my last paper EVER, I've already made it past the minumum length so that's good, then headed to my last class EVER.  :-D  What a great day.  I wish DH was here to go out to eat or something but I guess a glass of wine and a lean cuisine will have to do! 

    H good luck shopping
    and Kim, I hope DH doesn't have to work!!
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    Yay for your last paper and class, Bri!! I'd celebrate tonight with some wine, then over the weekend when DH is home. Smile

    Sooo DH texted me at lunch saying he has to work on Sat. Frown I just messaged by friend, so hopefully she won't be too bummed, and we can work something else out. All I say is that Sundays better be off limits, esp. with our anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks.
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