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Any artists on our May board?

FI and I came up with a plan for the gifts we want to get our wedding party (4 total).  We decided to get each of them a bag (bookbag, messenger bag, tote bag... we're still on the fence about exactly what) and then fill it with things they would appreciate.  (totally unique... i know  *sarcasm* hehe)

ANYWAY.... my sister (MOH) and FSIL (BM) are both artists and FI and I thought it would be a really good idea to fill their bags with art supplies.  My sister like pencil, color pencil, water color, and dabbles some in acrylic on canvas.  FI says FSIL enjoys creating all types of art but mostly paints (not sure what type of paint..)

I'm looking for suggestions for what type of artsy things to get them.  Specifically quality brand names that you like to use, or that you would like to receive as a gift.  My sister has specifically asked for prismacolor color pencils in the past (as a Christmas gift) so I know she likes those.  I was thinking maybe some good paint brushes?  Or does that sounds lame? 

TIA!!  :)

Re: Any artists on our May board?

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    I'm one :)

    Maybe some Liquitex products like glazes or acrylic paints? Or brushes...hmm...I liked my travel easel someone got me once...a watercolor set? if they're using pencils, you can get sketchbooks, etc.

    HTH :)
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    what about some canvas?
    agree about the brushes and paints
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    are there specific brands of brushes that you know are good?  there are tons of brushes and stuff at Michael's and i just don't know enough about them to know what's good or not, and i don't want to assume that just because it's more expensive means it's better... i know that's not always the case.

    i'll look into the travel easel thing... that might be cool

    thanks :)
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    I'm not super picky about brushes...I avoid the 'cheaper' value pack ones since the hairs fall out of them too easily, but at Joann's/Michael's they have individual ones you can get that are pretty nice...can't think of brands off-hand that I'd be keen to
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    My nephew's an artist so for Christmas I went to a local art supply store and they were awesome! I explained to them that he's in high school so I wanted to get him stuff that was probably nicer than he would buy for himself. They pointed me towards this sketchbook where the paper had one texture on the front and a different one on the back. Then I got him a nice charcoal/pencil set and some cool pens. If you have an independent store near you maybe they can help you out?
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