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I need to unload for a moment

A little history here- My sister (who is 21) has always fallen for the first guy who comes around no matter how he treats her.  Well with this being said she started seeing someone last September who she moved in with after being together for a month.  Their relationship needs the "its complicated button" it's been up and down ever since they moved in together.  Well she is 6 months prego now and decided to marry this guy on the spur of the moment last month.  I guess I can kinda see why she did since she is pregnant with his baby. I know for a fact though that he has cheated on her several times and I fear that they are both using each other.  He has a work visa that expires in a few months and she just wants someone there.  Either way I have let it go and came to terms that its her life not mine so I have stayed out of it.

My problem is however that she wants a reception this summer after the baby is born. (Which I think is absurb, they should have waited and done everything right and had a reception within weeks of getting married) I have heard my mom talk about throwing her one.  This so pisses me off since they have not once mentioned helping FI and I out with the wedding.  I even asked my parents who they would like me to invite out of their friends and their response was "We don't want to spend your money on our friends"  AHHHHH, I know I shouldn't expect them to help and so far I haven't but when I hear them talk about having a reception for my sister (who can not afford anything right now) it really gets me.


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