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Accessory question

Ok, so this might be a little confusing, but bear with me...

My grandma passed away 2 years ago and left her oldest daughter (my aunt) her pearls that she received from my grandpa well over 25 years ago. I have always known that I wanted to wear them on my wedding day. My cousin who got married a few months after my grandma passed did the same.

Well, the pearls are so old that they are kind of yellow--not quite ivory any more. My dress is considered ivory, but it looks white compared to other ivory dresses. My dress also has very elaborate crystal beading. Not sure how to describe it, but it's pretty much under my boobs and around the back (kind of like a sewn in sash). There's also a large crystal like brooch thing at my knee (only one side)--my dress is a fit-and-flare. So basically there's a lot of bling.

The pearls don't go at all with my dress, but it's really important to me to wear them. I was thinking I could add a crystal pendant or brooch to the necklace to give it a little sparkle. My mom also has a pearl necklace that my dad gave her for their 25th anniversary. Her's are white, but I was thinking I could wear both strands and have them connected with a crystal pin/brooch, kind of like this:
Vintage Inspired Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Bridal Double Strand Pearl Necklace with Flower Rhinestone Brooch Bridal Jewelry

I was thinking a shoe clip might work to connect the pearls??? Maybe a pin/brooch? But the pearls would be two different colors. Like I said, it means a lot to me to wear them, but, call me shallow, I also want to look flippin awesome on my wedding day. Not that I think the pearls will ruin my entire look, but it's hard to ignore them when so much has thought has gone into everything from my hair to my underwear! 

Your opinions would be soooo greatly appreciated!
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Re: Accessory question

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    Without seeing the dress it's hard to imagine but I think your idea of pinning the two together is good one! I don't think it will look you said, we are putting so much thought into everything that you might be overthinking it! I think it will be awesome to wear both your grandmother's and your mom's pearls.
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    I really don't think anyone will notice that the pearls are two different colors!!

    and as for the broach -- really cute idea! I would definitely go with a broach and not a shoe'll definitely stay on the whole day and you can find one that's super blingy to match your dress and tie it all together!
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    yeah, i would totally do the broach thing.  i really don't think anyone would notice.

    i love the look of the necklace you posted.  you may need something in the back too to connect the two necklaces, unless you were planning to bring the bottom strand all the way back around to the top of the broach (not sure if that made sense.....)

    anyway, good luck!  and post pictures once you get it all figured out, i'm excited to see if it comes together like your inspiration pic :)
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    Ditto PPs. I don't think anyone will notice that the pearls are 2 different colors. I also love the broach idea, so cute!
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    I think thats a great idea, and definitely go with a brooch!
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