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* Accountability post - HAPPY FRIDAY!

Newbies: We post here to hold one another accountable for diet and fitness leading up to the big day

Last night

D - Sushi dinner with FI

Workout - off day before tomorrow's 7 miler
B - small bowl of cereal
L - BBQ lunch w/chopped chicken sammich + greens & then fro yo

D - probably something small since I grubbed at lunch
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Re: * Accountability post - HAPPY FRIDAY!

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    Last night:
    D- 1/2 c spaghetti w/chicken sausage
    S- (after workout)- strawberry and blueberry smoothie and dry tuna on toasted english muffin
    w/o- Zumba

    B- dry wheat bagel, coffee, banana
    L- healthy choice Jamaican style chixn

    D- have no idea yet
    w/o- haven't decided yet

    Side note: yesterday my boss asked me if I wanted McDonald's and I turned it down!
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