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Hope this goes smoothly....

I just got an email from a NEW event coordinator at my venue. It makes me slightly nervous, BUT this person was an event coordinator at the Westin in St John. Hopefully we'll have a phone conversation soon. And maybe we can get over there for a tasting.

Eek, I hope this goes well....

Re: Hope this goes smoothly....

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    That's so scary yet so exciting at the same time. I hope it goes good for you!
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    Our event coordinator changed in October.  I stressed about that, but it turned out our old coordinator is still there, but his responsibilities shifted, so he does the food now, and the new coordinator used to be his assistant.  I can't imagine how scary it would be 2 or 3 months before the wedding! I'm sure it'll work out, though. At least the new person is experienced!! 

    Also, they will be fresh and excited and I'm sure they will work really hard to make sure everything goes right for you, since they will probably still be trying to show how good they are to the venue!
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    Good luck!
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    Spoke with the new coordinator. She seems nice. I did ask...the lady we worked with before is the director. So, atleast I know she's still there if there are any problems, which I doubt there will be.
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    Well, the fact that he even sent you an email to let you know the change is a good sign =]
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