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Great Book: The 5 Love Languages!

I thought I'd share a great book that my FI and I just recently took a quz on. The book describes that there is 5 ways to feel loved: 1. Words of Affirmation 2. Acts of Service 3. Physical Touch 4. Quality time 5. Gifts... so you take this quiz (that you can even find on the authur's website for free) and it helps you to understand how your FI feels loved. For example, if you are buying him gifts to show your love for him but he is high in acts of service then he might not feel as much love if you were making him a nice dinner.... Anyways, a great book.. this same author makes a book called "the things I wish I knew before I got married" that I"m going to read as well. I'll let you know how that goes!

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