May 2012 Weddings

No Kids Allowed

We are not having kids at the wedding, except our siblings children, which of now consists of my nephew (ring bearer) and step-nephew. 

I posted recently about possibly including my 7 year old Canadian cousin but realized that it might offend other guests so she will not be invited to the wedding.

Most of the guests that have children range in age (as of the wedding date) 15 months to about 10 years. My cousin Missy has the 15 month old and my mom was recently saying that she will probably bring her daughter (my cousin) to the wedding even though the invite will not include her daughter. My mom thinks that she is thinking that she is a "baby" and it won't cost anything to have her there.

How do I deal with her? And if I just let it go and I assume she understands that her daughter is not invited, hence her name is NOT on invitation, is it my responsibility to inform other guests Missy's daughter was NOT invited when they see her there and think (WTF my kid wasn't invited but she was).

Plus childcare is NOT an issue, her boyfriend's parents would LOVE to babysit.

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