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Checks and a bridesmaid vent. (LONG)

I went for my first fitting today to figure out what alterations I need, and I am stoked! Firstly, I still love the dress as much as I did a year ago, which is good, (some of you have been making me nervous with your posts, especially since I havnt seen it ina year), and she is going to take in some at the top and sides and that will help with any 'falling down' issues. She is also going to fix my moms veil for me, ( I had planned on doing it myself, because I didnt want to pay that much to get it done, but as time comes closer and I am way to busy and wouldnt even know where to start...being out 30$ isnt so bad to just know its done and done right the first time),

I also starting working on bridesmaids gifts, I got them necklaces that 'could' go with thier dresses but are all different, so they can wear those or not, but I am not expecting them to. And I got pashminas that are all the same color off white so they can use those during the wedding or not as they choose. I am planning on getting them one bigger more personal item too and they will be done!

I got the flower girl dress this weekend! YAY! Its the perfect formality and color and was only $30, I took it to show the FG's mom and she was there and she was super excited (5 year old little voice "is that my dress!!!" yep, do you know what its for "to walk at your wedding like I did at mommy and daddies")

I also started working on her gift which will also include some accessories she can wear or not wear to the wedding, a headband that is the same color, and pearl and gemstone bracelets. I want to get her a wedding barbie or something along those lines too.

I got my wedding ring back from the jewler' it fits now!!! YAY! And I found earrings that match my dress perfectly.

Found a mexican restuarant in the town where we are having the wedding, called them today to ask about catering...(so maybe we can just get already made up taco stuff or enchiladas) for the rehersal dinner, might be able to make it work out to the same price as pizza and much more personal

Bought 3 pinatas for the reception a bit ago.

Feeling good about whats been done, but theres still SOOOO much more to do, on top of that I have 2 papers a group project and 3 finals in the next 2.5 weeks. vent...I posted a bit ago about my slight annoyance at one of my bridesmaids who isnt coming till the day of now because of a family thing...that she claims she cant get out of on the 19th and the wedding is on the 20th out of town...ok I can live with that, figured out a way to arrange it so that she is coming up the day of and walking with one of the groomsmen anyways so no biggie that she misses the rehersal.

Today my MOH called me and told me that this particular BM emailed her and told her the weekend we had all agreed on for the bachlorette party wont work for her, because family from out of town will be at her house (for the previously mentioned family event) and she cant be away at all in May....The party was planned for the 5th...thats a good 2 weeks before this family event, I am forgiving and understand about the event on the 19th, because, sure, I get it family is important, but now shes saying she wont come because they are there all of May...I'm sorry what? You are not allowed to leave your house for over 2 weeks. We're adults, for some reason I dont buy that at all...(she also backed out of coming to my fitting with me so I went by myself today, but thats another story...). I'm beginning to wonder whats going on...we've been best friends since we were 15 and yeah she always puts family first, but the party isnt even near the date thier family event is on...

The one plus side is another BM who was going to come but it was going to be hard for her to come, but agreed cuz that was the week she could come...might be able to make it if we change the date to late april...BUT then it would share the same weekend with her I dont know how she feels about that.

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Re: Checks and a bridesmaid vent. (LONG)

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    Congrats on the checks!

    I am sorry about your MOH, that is a bummer she isn't able to make it, but I am sure your party will still be fun.
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