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Reception Vent

So I am now looking for a new reception place. The one we wanted booked our date. While there was no deposit or anything like that there was a verbal agreement while I got the money together because they require you to pay the whole rental fee not a deposit. I have been keeping in touch with the lady and we agreed if anything came up for that date she would let me know first so that I could have the chance to get them the money. And she didn't do that even though we have talked at least once a day each week. I emailed her Monday to tell her I had the money and wanted to set up a time to officially book it and she emailed me back today and said it was booked. I'm so upset I had basically looked everywhere in town already and this was a last hope and it was EXACTLY what we wanted. No where will compare now. I'm so upset here we are with 6 months to go and I now have no reception venue or caterer. UGH so stressful!
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