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C & V Thursday

Morning ladies!! Let's hear your confessions and vents.

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    Confession: I got so absorbed with our group yesterday that I forgot to plan a lesson for my program this morning. So I had to come in early and figure out what to do, but now I get to flex out early. But I feel like a dunce for forgetting. 
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    Confession: I'm thinking more about wedding planning than work at work... Everytime I write the date with the year I go into OMG the wedding is this year mode LOL I'm sure I'm sure that'll wear off soon... hopefully lol

    Vent: I don't really have anything to vent about. What I wanted to vent about Monday is no longer something I'd like to dwell on so I'm vent-less atm lol

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    Only confession is that I seriously think about wedding planning ALL day long!!!!! I'm amazed when 5 o'clock rolls around and Ive accomplished nothing! LOL Major vent I cannot find a photographer!!!! Ours is now pregnant and backed out! I've emailed more than half a dozen this week and not a single one of them has returned my email!!!! I actually thought something was wrong with my email! So frustrated!! Its my only major thing remaining and I'll feel so much better when its done!!!!!! Ugh!!
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