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C & V Thursday

You know the drill....confessions and vents....and go!!

Re: C & V Thursday

  • No confessions today.

    Vent: I'm a little frustrated with FI today.  He hates Valentine's Day and I love it.  He thinks it's a holiday made up by big business so they can sell things.  I shared some information I'd learned earlier this week with him this morning about the origins of Valentine's Day thinking he might chill out on claiming it was a made up holiday but all he said was "It is what it is".  WTH does THAT mean?!  He always makes it a point to make sure I have correct information about stuff and I try to be open minded about changing my opinions if I have incorrect information but he just doesn't seem to care about knowing the correct information, being  open minded enough to accept he could be wrong about this and being willing to compromise on something I really enjoy.  I get that he hates how commercialized it is and I don't expect him to go out and buy me a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates and a piece of jewelry (although I'm not opposed to that, LOL) but is leaving a handwritten note for me or packing my lunch or making me a card or something too much to ask him to compromise on for a holiday I love?  And if he's that against overly commercialized holidays then WHY does he celebrate Independence Day, New Years and Christmas?  Now, in his defense he did send me a nice text message this morning wishing me a happy Valentine's Day and he does go out of his way for me a lot every day.  I just wish he'd make a little effort for Valentine's Day :(
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