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Has anyone ever worked with or heard of the company:

Premier Wedding and Event Planning

Carolyn Fairley is the contact person. I met with her yesterday and really liked her ideas - I just wanted to see if I could get any scoop on her or the company besides going off just what I think?

Would you recommend?
Thanks ladies! Happy early New Year!

Re: Planning and Decor

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    If I am being honest, I just looked at the website and was not impressed. Additionally, I don't like that she charges 15% of the wedding budget when she helps you find vendors (with the full package). What would be the incentive then for her to get you the best price?

    Additionally, I thought this quote on her website was super odd, LOL:

    Out of all the relationships you have had, this one has made it to the altar

    Also, her DOC prices are two times what I have seen, personally. I used Accents Unlimited and would recommend her to anyone at a much better price!
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    Check out the Knot's new Best of Magazine-they have rated the top wedding planners there-voted on by all of the brides who were married last year.
    Also, go to the website of the Association of Bridal Consultants. They have a list of certified wedding planners in Pgh.
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