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Engagement Photo Sneak Peek Is Here!

Our e-photo sneak peek was just posted on our photographer's blog yesterday. I'm really happy with the shots and can't wait to see the rest of them! Anyway, just thought i'd stop in to share them with you all. I have to rush off to a meeting, but i'll check back later.


Any recommendations for use on our Christmas cards this year?

Re: Engagement Photo Sneak Peek Is Here!

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    I love your dress! Such a great pop of color :)
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    Seriously I love all those pictures.

    And your dog is so cute I just want to snuggle with the little darling.
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    Love all of your pictures! I think the first one with the dog might be a good one for Christmas cards.
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    Great shots! 

    Love the first one with the pup for this year's Christmas card.

    My favorites, in general, include:

    Love the shot of you two holding your hands atop the fence post, in focus and featuring your ring, while the rest of the shot is out of focus and you're kissing... wow, that's hot! 

    Love the shot of you two on the wooden bench; you lounging across in your pink dress and brown boots and such straight faces! It's very editorial. 

    And the one with you two standing in the woods and looking over your shoulders at the camera, that shot has beautiful composition.

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    They all are amazing.  I love the dress you are wearing in last set also.  I would use the first pic for Christmas cards.
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    Thanks ladies! We weren't even going to do an e-shoot, but it came with our package and now i'm so glad we did. It really was a lot of fun. I think we've pretty much decided to go with the first pic for our Christmas cards, but we'll see when we get the rest of the images. It may make for a tougher decision.

    After seeing these, i'm even more in love with our photographer than I was when we hired her! She was such a "budget" price for the area I got a little nervous after we signed the contract. Now I have absolutely no regrets!!
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