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    Confession: We're over budget.  FI and I discussed this several times and I've tried cutting things to get closer to the budget and then he'll say not to cut whatever because it's something I want and we'll find the money somehow. (I guess it's going to magically appear??)  So my mom finally came out and said if we weren't able to pay for everything ourselves she'd chip in a little bit and asked how much over budget we were.  I padded the number and told her $2500.00.  I feel kind of rotten but on the other hand it would be really nice to have the help...

    Vent: My son is really getting on my nerves.  He has a long history of being a selfish, entitled little brat and I keep wondering if that's my fault or if he learned that from his father/step-father?!  Most recently he rushed into buying a car after killing his sixth car (I think six is right, I'm not certain, it could be five).  He ended up with a 1992 Ford Probe which my FI (who's got a lot of car experience) said would be a good car if he took care of it.  Well he didn't and, while it's not dead (yet), he decided a few weeks ago he wanted a different car.  Fine, whatever.  FI, my mother and I have all been encouraging him to work and save his money but NO, what did he do but go out and get a car loan from our bank to pay for a 2000 Ford Mustang with 103,000 miles on it for $1500.  My question is, what's wrong with this car?!  Why is a Ford Mustang only $1500?  My son didn't listen to anything I said and jumped into a debt he might not be able to handle.  I don't know how much he makes but he's got big plans to sell this Ford Probe he no longer wants and use the money from the sale to pay off his loan.

    Add this to the fact that all he does is sleep when he's home, barely does his chores (and only because I get after him when he doesn't) and his horrible attitude toward me and FI and I'm at my wits end!!!  I really hope he's just at a stage where he thinks we're stupid and he knows everything because if he's going to be like this for the rest of his life I may just go jump into a vat of wine and work my way to the bottom  Tongue Out
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