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Need Ideas for the ceremony

So a friend of mine is going to be the officant at our wedding and she is doing this specificially for us so she has never done this type of thing before ( i know she will be great) however I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for things to be included in what is said or done since this is new for everyone. Thanks!

Re: Need Ideas for the ceremony

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  • A friend is doing ours as well and it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be, but so worth it! I was told the only required part was "do you take this person?...I do" part. But I would check with your county clerk, it may be different in your area. We are letting her do the opening and closing parts and we're filling in the middle. We just started googling ceremony vows and pieced together the things we liked. Pinterest was also a big help. There is also a post down the page a little bit that has a lot of great information that will probably help...I think the post was titled "Writing the ceremony". Good luck!!
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    FI and I were both raised Catholic but have chose not to have a Catholic wedding. Since those are the only weddings that we have been to, it was pretty challenging to write our ceremony script. Our officiant gave us a sample, but it didn't really seem to fit us, so I tweaked it quite a bit. Here is a link to a pdf that I found the most helpful:

    It is REALLY long, but it gives so many different examples of each part of the ceremony for whatever kind of wedding you are having (secular or religious). I pulled bits and pieces of that, as well as a few things from googling, to create a script that we both love. Best of luck!
  • We had a friend also who had never performed a wedding. I surfed a lot of sites pulling off words for vows, ring exchange and other rituals or symbolic wedding things. We then chose and modified what we liked best. We included a unity candle, rose ceremony, Apachee Blessing, shattering of the glass, ring exchange vows and wedding vows. It was a little nerve racking getting started but in the end we had what we wanted.
  • Is your friend ordained? and if she officiates will your marriage be legal? sorry I'm just wondering these things?
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