Vendor Review – Florist-Dauphin County Vo-Tech

Grade = B

A friend of my mother suggested dauphin county Vo-tech for our flowers.  They had used them after comparing prices with several florists and told us the school’s prices were about 1/3 the cost of a ‘normal’ florist.  The students really try to do a good job (they are being graded after all), and they are supervised and helped by 2 professional teachers.  Unfortunately for us the main teacher  that we had planned with was on sick leave when our actual arrangements were made.  There were a few minor problems with our flowers but if we were doing it over I would still have used vo-tech. 


1.       The ribbon on my bouquet was coming off by the time we finished our photos


2.       We were given at least 2 too few boutonniere pins, we used safety pins


3.       My grandmas corsage came off the wrist strap, I think she had been picking at it though


4.       It was only an issue with my bouquet, but there were slightly browning rose petals possibly due to it being made too early and not stored in a cooler.  It got worse overnight because we couldn't store the flowers In a cooler.  All the others were fine.  No one else noticed (or pretended not to) when I pointed it out

5. Our flower garlands were not as we had expected, shorter and the carnations were not fully bloomed.  We were happy with them because this is a specialty item that few if any local florists do and it was difficult explaining what we wanted.

Overall considering that these were done by high school students and for the cost of the supplies only these issues are easy for me to overlook though if we had paid top dollar for a regular florist I probably would have complained.  They also can’t deliver like a regular florist would.  My mom and I were already taking off work the day before so we picked them up then easily.  We had been planning to store them in our caterers cooler but that day we learned that you cant store flowers with fruit and we were told they would keep better in a cool place outside of the walk-in cooler.

Our total price was $600 for 4 bouquets (q bride, to bm, 1 tossaway); 8 centerpieces; 1 archway spray; 2 corsages; 5 boutaneers; 2 five-foot carnation garlands;  rose petals

Re: Vendor Review – Florist-Dauphin County Vo-Tech

  • I also used DCTS for our wedding. They did an Amazing job on my flowers.
    I paid only $200.00 and got 3 bouquets, 10 bouts, 5 wristlets, 2 table arrangements and 8 long stemmed roses. When we got to the school they had extra rose petals and roses for my hair. I would recommend DCTS to any bride.
  • Hi ladies,
    Could you advise me how to contact them?  I was told many times to use Dauphin County Vo-Tech but do I just call their main number?
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