Vendor Review Officiant Wedding Dayz, beware bad reviews are pulled on wedding chanel

Beware: Vendors can have negative reviews removed from wedding chanel.

I posted some reviews on the official vendor review area of the wedding chanel by the knot.  My negative review for our officiant was never actually posted.  He's not even a 'featured vendor' so I was confused as there were bad reviews for our caterer which I loved.  I noticed a botton at the bottom saying 'contact this venor' so i suppose even though he is not 'featured' he still has some kind of advertizing deal with this website.  Please be very skeptical of those reviews and do your own homework outside of this site beofre picking a vendor.

Here is my actual review of Wedding Dayz:

Grade = D+

He pronounced my husbands name very wrong durring our ceremony. If it wasnt for this I probably would have rated him a B+  but I just can't get over this and now I can't enjoy watching my wedding video.  2 people commented that they liked his ceremony otherwise, but at least 5 people brought up the name thing to us.  We just went with his standard vows though we did add an Indian garland exchange. He was very confident and loud, almost like a baptist preacher which I had not been anticipating.  We had a rehearsal with him the night before and he just called my husband by his nickname not his full Indian name which is only 2 syllables.  The rehearsal was the first time we met him in person, but we video chatted with him and talked on the phone, which is when we practiced all the names, and he had it down so im half wondering if he did it on purpose.  (I know foreign names can be difficult to pronounce, if the vowels or emphasis were off we wouldnt have minded, but he replaced an N with an LT which made no sense to anyone because he had it written down in front of him, and I had given a phonetic version in an email)  We paid him 400 it would have been 300 if we didnt do the rehearsal.  Im missing the point of the rehersal completly because we didnt go over the ceremony at all (though we had previously) and my husband was confused that he would have to repeat stuff, he had been under the impression all he would have to see is  'I do'.  He was so dazed that he repeated his own name wrong during the repeat after me sequence. 

Re: Vendor Review Officiant Wedding Dayz, beware bad reviews are pulled on wedding chanel

  • Reviews are POINTLESS if people can't post negative ones!! 
    So sorry it was a bad experience, but appreciate the warning to others!
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  • I'm sorry you had a bad experience but every wedding we've attended of our friends, even our own, (he's presided over 5 total that we've attended of friends weddings, and our own) he's done an AMAZING job!  He's deeply passionate about his clients he works with and really caters the ceremony to the couples he works with.  It's key regardless of review status that the vendor's personalities mesh with you own.
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