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This is a copy/paste from what I wrote on wedding chanel review.  I highly recomend Enck's.  However, please be aware the wedding channel does not post negative reviews of sponsored vendors, and sponsored vendors arnt just those that say 'featured'.  See my post about my officiant.

Grade=A,  Enck's Banquet Center -

This place is a good bang for the buck.  We were going with a different catering service and a rent a community center hall but with all the separate fees we would have paid and our small group of 60,  Enck's all-inclusive package turned out cheaper, much nicer, and less hassle.  You get a dinner, cake and ice cream, punch, fruit tray and cheese for cocktail hour, all tables, linens and dishes.  There were no surprise fees and the service fee actually goes to the servers do you don't need an additional gratuity.  We didn’t have to pay a room rental fee, but we did have to pay $200 to rent the dance floor.  They even post their prices online for easy comparison.  I did request quotes from about 6 other places and we choose them because they were the most affordable place that lets you BYOB.  You bring the alcohol and pay for a bartender to serve it for you.  Their basic package was $33 pp plus tax+tip.  Considering all that this includes it's a great value.

They are very competent caterers and they told us they can cook basically anything you want and their menu is more of a guide.  We actually did have them cook a dish off the menu and they included it for the same basic buffet price.  Enck's doesn’t do tastings which didn't bother us because we weren’t going to drive out for one anyway.  (My family is in PA but we live in NY)  Their food was decent and my mom found out that they cater for a lot of fancier venues in the area.  I didn’t love the cake which they got from a bakery they have a relationship with, but it was free so I can’t complain much.  I did like that they served it with ice cream, which made it more palatable than if it was on its own. 

We used their banquet hall, which was way nicer than I expected given the price.  The lobby decor is very country, but the actual room is neutral.  It’s pretty nice looking and required less decorating than if we had went with a community center.  We had our ceremony there in the same room.  We were able to have our rehearsal (not dinner) there the night before for no extra charge.  They have a projector and screen included if you want to show a slide show, but we didn't use it.  The only minor disappointment I had was that they wouldn’t relocate the dance floor for me, but I didn't make a huge deal about it thy might have done it if I mentioned it clearly earlier or complained more.

They were very friendly and willing to accommodate special requests.    We corresponded mostly by email and they typically answered all emails within 24 hrs.  Overall I’m very happy with Enck’s.  They made our wedding the success that it was.  I would use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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    I contracted Enck's for my wedding and they most certainly do tastings. We just had ours the other night. There is a fee, but of course because otherwise it'd be like eating dinner out for free!!
    The food was awesome and thanks for the tip on the cake, we weren't sure if we were going to go with Colebrook or find our own. 
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