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We hired Angel Eye Photography to capture our special day. 

This was a destination wedding for our family and friends.

Angel was a little difficult to get ahold of during our year engagement but was accessible the week before our wedding. I provided her with a list of pictures I liked & a list of pictures I wanted to capture.

She arrived LATE on the day of our wedding and I felt very rushed during our "getting ready" photos.

Our package included a 'photo booth' but when I got to our reception (didn't see it beforehad because she was late to arrive) it was a drape hung from the ceiling where people stood in front while she took pictures with her camera. 

Angel and her second shooter, left our wedding 1 HOUR before scheduled. 

After our wedding, it took over 3 months to get a sneak peek of our pictures. I had to call and email every day for 2 weeks to get our actual wedding pictures delivered in a format that we could use. We had to pay, to ship a flash drive to her to put our pictures on, because she kept sending corrupted DVD files to us.

Our wedding package included a 'professional wedding album' which was supposed to be 12 page, 24 black and white pictures from our wedding. I picked the pictures that we wanted to use for our professional album. It has been almost 8 MONTHS since our wedding day and we still have not received our album.

She said we would have our professional book the first week in January, after the holidays. It is now APRIL 19th and we have NOTHING. She will not return my phone calls or emails or Facebook messages, since Feb 15th. The last time we spoke, she told me she had some personal issues, like getting the flu and getting into a car accident. I asked if we could have a refund for our 'professional album' because it was part of our contract and she said that it would be $300.

I have been emailing, calling and leaving voicemails and Facebook messages since January 7th - She has not responded for up to 8 weeks at a time. We have contacted the BBB to see if we can get our money back, at least for the part she has not delivered. She has now blocked me on Facebook so I can't contact her that way and has not responded to any calls or emails.

We are awaiting the resolution from the BBB but I would HATE for ANY BRIDE planning her wedding, in Northern Michigan to fall victim to this TERRIBLE business & the TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I have received.



  • That sounds awful... We're up in North Dakota so we won't be using them anyway but I'm really sorry you had to go through that. And good for you for passing on the word!
  • Judge Judy would totally rule in your favor
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  • IF you paid with a credit card, you can dispute the charges with your CC company. The vendor typically has 45 days to respond. If they don't respond or the CC agrees with you, the money is yours! I had to do it for a vendor recently and she never even responded to the CC company.
  • Sounds terrible. I actually just got my professional album on Thursday- 13 months after our wedding.
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  • I work in customer service and deal with the BBB and credit card chargebacks and all that... i'm telling you, BBB will not do anything for you. they ask for your issue, they ask the business for their reply, they ask you for your reply to that, then for resolution from the business, but they don't actually do anything for you. 
    I agree with a PP that said if you paid by credit card, dispute the charges, immediately. I've had customers open disputes almost a year after paying, so don't worry about timeframe...but do it ASAP. 
    If you paid by check or cash or anything like that, you need to get a lawyer, ASAP. 

    i'm sorry you had to go through this. Frown this isn't what any bride should have to experience when trying to get their own PHOTOS. 
  • I just want to point out that calling/emailing EVERY day is very annoying. If I were on her end, I'd be starting to dodge them out of spite, but she definitely should be getting back to her. Each time I contact with an email, I leave 3 days for someone to get back to me before trying again.

    As far as the photo booth (or anything, really), I always ask many questions before hand to fully understand what you're getting. Photo "booths" can be just a drape or screen with a camera and a printer with or without provided props. I've seen them done that way, and they can be done well, though I'm not sure what yours was.

    The BBB doesn't get refunds. That's what lawyers are for.

    Everything else is just inexcusable on her part. That really sucks; I'm sorry you had to go through that.
  • Did you ever get your pictures or money? I noticed on her fb page she is still in business.
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