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Need Budget-Friendly Caterer for Hamptons Estate Wedding

Hi all!

Our wedding is going to be at a Hamptons Estate (Sag Harbor) for about 200-225 guests. 

We're looking for a budget-friendly caterer that can do simple yet really fun foods ... lots of mini stuff (ie, sliders, skewers, mini cheesecakes, mini grilled cheese, milk shooter w choc chip cookies). Our dinner menu is simple, filet mignon, chicken or salmon - I think most caterers can handle that.

Any reccomendations are welcomed!!!


Re: Need Budget-Friendly Caterer for Hamptons Estate Wedding

  • I have a list of a few I have looked into...check them out for yourself. I am working on a budget as well so this should help you. In order of my favorites.

    Custom Catering - Port Jefferson
    Gina's Kitchen
    On the Forks

    That is all for now. If I come across some more, I will let you know via PM.

    Best of luck to you.
  • Where are you getting married? I'd like an estate wedding. Thanks!!
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