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I'm horrible at keeping secrets!

So I will tell you guys. I'm going to be an Auntie!!! For the third time, lol.

My younger sister fainted at work today, so naturally I took the afternoon off to go with her to the ER (she was thinking she had food poisoning, lol) and it turns out she's about 6 weeks pregnant. This will be her first baby. My other niece and nephew are my other sister's. It was just so special and cool being there with her when the Dr told her, and I'm pretty excited to be the first to know! She's going to wait to tell the rest of our family, but I am so happy I could die right now, so I really wanted to share!

Also, just so this is wedding related, this is like the 5th pregnancy in my circle lately. Everyone is going to have little babies at my wedding and I am so excited!!
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Re: I'm horrible at keeping secrets!

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