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wedding song?? How do i live w/o you -Trisha Yearwood

we were thinking of using this song for our 1st dance song since it was the first song we ever danced to when dating.  Not a fan of country music what do yall think of using this song as 1st dance song>

Re: wedding song?? How do i live w/o you -Trisha Yearwood

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    sorry didn't mean to be yelling the song name out.  that was the only reason we were thinking of using this song,  ( so we wouldn't have to think to much into it) 
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    I think it's nice. 
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    Trisha is one of my favorite singers.  "How Do I Live" is a nice song for a wedding - not my favorite of hers probably because it was written by Dianne Warren who has made a career out of nice schlocky songs. 

    (ftr, my favorite Trisha Yearwood song is also my all time favorite song from anyone and totally inappropriate for a wedding: The Song Remembers When.)
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