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Bridesmid who loves to read

Hi All,

I have bought gifts for each of my bridesmaids, but I am stuck on one. 

She is my 18 year old cousin who is very quiet and always has her head in a book. She loves to read, but is very picky about what books she wants to read.  For the holidays, the family almost always buys her gift cards to Barnes & Noble so she can buy new books of her choice, but I would really prefer not to get her a gift card as a bridesmaid gift.  

Her sister helped me pick out a necklace from Etsy say thats "Once Upon A Time" that we both thought she would love, but it arrived and the quality is terrible, so I can't give her that (I am fortunately able to return it).

So, does anyone have any suggestions on gifts for a book lover (other than a gift card)?
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Re: Bridesmid who loves to read

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    What about a nice, personalized bookmark?

    Does she have a kindle? You could get her an Amazon Prime membership if so - she can 'rent' e-books and there are a ton of other perks.
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    How about a special edition of a favorite book or some super cool bookends?

    Does she have an ereader? A new case would be nice.

    A tote or shirt from Out of Print with her favorite classic novel on it could be great, too.
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    Personally, I'd still vote gift card. I'm a serious reader, and it's what I always ask for (and never get!). Alternatively, if she has a favorite, you can try to buy a signed copy or a first edition. Try for reputable used book sellers. Depending on the author, you might not be able to afford it; a first edition, first printing of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone would probably cost more than your wedding. Some less popular authors you can find signed copies for under $30.
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    How about a signed copy of a favorite book? It's very possible to find signed books by still-living authors. if you can give me the names of some of her favorites I can help you source them. PM me if you want.
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    Is it possible she may have an Amazon account with a wishlist on there? 

    I also agree that a gift card is nice even if it feels impersonal.  My FI is a crazy avid reader.  For Christmas I purchased a tshirt with the cover of one of his favorite classic novels from Out of Print.  He LOVES that shirt.  Just a suggestion. 
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    I wear my Gatsby shirt pretty often, but not as often as I'd like. It's the original blue cover, and super soft, I just don't wear T-shirts much. I got the tote from someone else for Christmas, and I carry it almost every day to work. Either one is definitely a know-the-recipient kind of deal.

    Gift card is definitely the safest and most practical route, but I can also understand wanting to give a more tangible gift.
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    Unless you know what she likes to read buying her books is very hard.  The ladies have great suggestions.  Perhaps a nice book light would also be a good gift.  

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    A lot of ladies have said bookmarks, which seem alright, or bookends or a book light. All of those seem pretty good. Or perhaps something that's book-related but not actually dependant on a book (like you originally intended), like a book-patterned bag... if they sell those... or something with that general idea. 
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    As an avid reader, I totally support the gift card and bookmark idea.  You could also thrown in a couple other things like a travel reading light or a cute little throw pillow (I personally always have one on hand when I'm reading at home or in the park/library; it's nice to be able to prop your elbows/head/book on when sitting in different positions) Otherwise can  you ask her parents for any ideas on a book she'd like, or maybe a series she is working on collecting?  Also getting her a nice leatherbound copy of one of her favorites might be a good idea, my dad has been doing that for me for awhile.  Then there are these books , which I'm  coveting terribly right now even though they aren't all my favorite or anything, just because they are so so pretty.  They are all classic literature though, which isn't a bad thing, unless she really loathes Jane Austin or something.
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    I'm an avid reader on my Kindle, and I would be ecstatic to get an Amazon giftcard.  Seriously, it's disturbing how much I spend on books each month, so I wouldn't care that it's not a 'tangible' gift, it'd be one that I'd actually use.

    If you want to 'dress it up' a bit for actually giving it to her, I always wrap gift cards with their favorite candy or something.
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    Thanks for the advice!  I guess I was hoping to get her something tangible, like I'm getting for all the other girls.  But if all of you readers feel so strongly about gift cards then it's the way to go!
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