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How much does an event planner cost?

I'm really starting to consider having an event planner help me with my reception.  We're not doing a traditional wedding ceremony --but we do want a wedding reception.  I just know that when the day actually rolls around I don't want to have to fret over anything.  I just don't know how to go about finding help or how much it costs.

Re: How much does an event planner cost?

  • Event planners usually have tiered packages. The cheapest package is "Day of" Services-which include set up/tear down, coordinating vendors, etc. DOC usually also includes some week of work, like creating a final timeline, confirming all your vendors, etc.

    Then there is usually a "partial wedding planning" option, which is what I used. They will make vendors recommendations, have a limited number of phone calls/meetings with you to go over details, brainstorm ideas, plus DOC.

    Then there is the full shebang-planning every detail, proposing decor options, handling all your vendors, usually they even handle the RSVPs/guest list. 

    Pricing depends on your area. In Central PA, DOC was usually $500-1000, Partial planning $1500-2500, full-fledged planning $2500 & up. Some planners charge based on a percentage of your total wedding budget. Many planners have their package pricing listed online, but if you give them a rundown of what you are looking for, they can tailor costs to your needs. You can always try to negotiate based on the time of year of your event, day of the week, etc. 
  • The full planners that I've seen seem to charge a percentage of the wedding total. I've seen day of wedding coordinators for in the $500- 1000 range as well.
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  • Mine was 2500.00
  • Why are you bumping all these old threads about cost of stuff?
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