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Not WR: What offer should I make on this thing?

Okay, so my mom's birthday is next week and she is a HUGE Red Sox fan... I was browsing Craigslist because I was figuring I might find some reasonably priced sports memorabilia there. Anyway, I found this thing, and I thought it was kind of unique. Its a handmade Red Sox logo mosaic. I know my mom would love it. Well, the guy who made it didn't have a price listed, and the ad said, "make me an offer" Okay, so I texted the phone number and I was basically like, "honestly, I have no idea what to price this at, but it looks like you've made these before, so what's the usual going rate?" and he said he made this in high school 8 years ago, and has only made other mosaics for personal use. Okay... so unhelpful. So basically, how do I make this guy an offer that is fair to me, and not offensive to him, because honestly, I tried looking on Etsy and mosaics go from like $30-$500+. This piece is 3'x2':

Also, yeah, it isn't finished. He said he could finish it by next weekend, but he has to buy supplies... so... Anyway, what would you pay for this?

ETA: Also, should I be offering to pay for the supplies?
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Re: Not WR: What offer should I make on this thing?

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    Don't offer to pay for supplies.  I'd offer $75-150 to start.
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    vsgalvsgal member
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    I would start around $100 with a firm top price at $125.  He has obviously put some work into it. 
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    I would probably offer $75 and dont pay for the supplies. It is so cool that you found that on CL! Its awesome. My parents would love one for their favorite teams. I need to look on that site more often.
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    I'd go between $100 and $150, but don't pay for supplies. 
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    That's pretty big.  Does your mom have a space to put something like that?  How heavy is it?
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    MuppetFanMuppetFan member
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    I would offer $100 to start. From that point on, it's up to how much you want to spend really.

    I mean, if he were doing it as an artist, that probably took a lot of time and I'd put it in the $300 range...but sounds like it was a high school project that he just wants to get some cash for
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