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what are you giving your groom?

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    we actually kinda of discussed this weekend and i think i am going to buy him a watch. 

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    I got him a framed picture of our last name from alphabet; it hangs over our fireplace.
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    We never really decided to give each other gifts.

    We got married a few weeks after Christmas and I felt like I got him a lot of presents. I had also been joking around with him that I would give him this giant kit of things to help set up (he was supposed to be setting up our candy table and our escort cards the day of but our venue ended up doing it). One of the things I had gotten him was a large Pelican case for some of his paintball stuff so I just didn't give it to him for Christmas.

    So his "gift" was the Pelican case (sans foam) with a bunch of DIY supplies in it as a joke.


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    I think I'm gonna do a story of us book. Ive been doing some research online and found a few websites. Ill put notes hes written me and ive written him, pics from carious stages of our relationship, song lyrics, movie lines and other memorable things. It gets bound into a nice little book. I think I'm also goong to get a print of one of his favorite paintings, 'The Kiss'. He used to have the poster in his dorm room back when we were in college. Still thinking though.
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    I bought a journal and I try to write something about what we recently did together and how I feel about him a couple times a week. I'll give that to him. 
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    His favorite whiskey - we don't usually buy it because it's a little pricey.
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