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To take the plunge or not? Help me stop agonizing!! PIP

I tried on 12-15 dresses over the weekend.  I was my first trip and my wedding isn't until June 2014.  I found one that I fell completely head over heels in love with.  It was actually #2 on the list of dresses I brought in with me.  I didn't want to take off, and I was grappling with buying it on the spot until my mom suggested I wait until today to make a final decision.  The woman at the shop was awesome and didn't pressure me at all, and extended their "buy it on the first trip, get $100 off" offer until today for me.  

I stared at this dress all weekend and sent pictures to all of my friends who all said "yes it's gorgeous!" I called my dad this morning for his credit card number to place the order, and not five minutes later my mom called me.  "Are you sure you don't want to try on a few more?  The dress will still be there next week and it's only $100 savings. Don't you want to exhaust ALL of the options?" And she does have a point, I suppose.  A very small part of me is sad at the thought of not trying any more on, and a question I asked in the shop was "what if there's another one that's (   ) this much better?" but I can't find anything I don't like about it! I've been skimming through other dresses online all morning and while there are some that make me think MAYBE I'd like to try them on, I'm not convinced I'd like them that much more.

What do you all think of the dress on me?  It's Maggie Sottero's Hillary and the flowers/feathers are a sash added to it.  I can buy it off the rack for a discount and I'm thinking maybe if I DO try some others that they're able to order, maybe they could apply my money to another dress and just put it back on the rack?  The shop doesn't open until 2 PM so I can't ask them if that's a feasible option just yet.  HALP!

Re: To take the plunge or not? Help me stop agonizing!! PIP

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I love it. 
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  • I think it's gorgeous, but you also still have a ton of time. May as well have some fun trying on some more, since you only get to do it once, and then go back to that dress later feeling more confident about your decisions.

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  • It's sooo pretty!!!  And it looks wonderful on you!  If there is nothing you would change about it, and you feel gorgeous, then I would stop looking.  After I found my dress, I didn't want to try on any other dresses... it's very exhausting!
  • Once you've found your dress, go with it, and trust yourself!

    I am getting married in May 2014. So, like you, I have a ton of time before I need to find a dress. I've gone a few times around when I got engaged, and found something I liked that was missing that something special. I gave it a few months, and went by myself last week (unplanned, but was running errands a a store nextdoor), and found the dress. I cried. Had a moment, the whole thing. I didn't order it because I'm waiting for my mom to come to town and visit (since she's offered to buy it). I have no desire to look at other dresses, or go shopping again. I was back in the shop last weekend with FI so he could look at tuxes, and snuck a peek at my dress. Yup, still my dress.

    Sure there are a million dresses out there. But I found the one that makes me happy. And I trust myself to make that decision. Do the same for you. If you are obsessing over your dress, it's your dress. Don't let your mom talk you out of it (because it does seem like she's hoping you'll pick something else.)
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    It sounds to me like you had "the moment" so why waste your time or get confused by trying other dresses on?

    When you found your FI did you continue to look and try other guys out or did you stop looking?  Same with your wedding dress.  When you find the one you love stop looking.

  • Thank you so much everyone!! I think some of you are right about my mom hoping I would pick something else.  She was a big fan of a different dress I tried on, but it just didn't feel like "me."  She'll have to get over it, cause as soon as the clock struck 2 my fingers were itching and I HAD to call and place the order.  I'm 100% certain I made the right choice.  Now I'm just sad that I need to wait 14 months to wear it!!
  • Beautiful dress and it looks great on you!
  • Glad you got it! It looks beautiful on you... and remember there will always be other beautiful dresses so of course you could find something just as beautiful, but that is exhasuting.  Seems like you had your moment and it looks great, so check it off the list.  You'll have plenty of wedding planning to keep you occupied :)  Congrats!

  • That is a gorgeous dress, and it has a different look, too, which is great!
  • Great dress!  Congratulations!  My dress ended up being the third one I tried on.  Lots of people told me to keep looking (this was last June and my wedding is this September).  I looked at it two ways.  1.  I kept comparing all other dresses to it (even though everyone else liked another dress).  2.  How disappointed would you be if the dress were discontinued before you made a decision?  I decided I would spend more money trying to recreate that dress. 

    Now, the real test is to STOP LOOKING at other wedding dresses.  You will only second guess yourself.  If your friends/ family want you to keep shopping, you can always look for rehearsal dinner, reception, bridal shower dresses, etc.  :) 
  • I'm glad that you decided to buy it. It looks beautiful on you!

    The most important thing is to trust your gut. Your Mom may not LOVE this dress as much as you do right now.. but I have no doubts that once you are all done up on your wedding day, she won't be able to imagine you in anything else. It will be complete perfection :)

    And now, as indyhikergirl1 said above-- you've gotta stop looking! You'll drive yourself crazy in the next year agonizing over whether or not you've commited to the right dress. Wink
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