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Dress shopping questions

I'm getting ready to go shopping for my dress and I'm worried that the dresses in the store aren't going to fit me. I know stores only carry certain sample sizes and I know bridal size is different than street size. My street size is between a 14/16. I don't expect stores to have dresses that fit me perfectly, I just want to know if I will be able to get them on to get the idea of how they look on me. (Even if it is a few sizes too small.) I know places like David's Bridal carry bigger sizes in store, but I've already been there and couldn't find what I'm looking for. Another question I have is, do I need to bring my own strapless bra? I brought my own bra to Davids when I went but they had me put on things they had in store instead. I'm thinking it was so the could make more sales, but I'm not sure if all bridal shops do that. Any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advace!!

Re: Dress shopping questions

  • Hi! I have to tell you that I had the same concern before I went dress shopping. My street size is also 14. I was very pleased that I was able to fit into the dresses no problem! If there were any I couldn't fit into, I don't remember now- I think there may have been a couple that I couldn't zip up all the way but I could still get them on. So hopefully you'll have the same experience. It was a non-issue for me. :)
    The store that I shopped at did not have a strapless bra for me, or at least they never mentioned it. I actually wore a regular nude bra with the straps tucked in because I don't have any strapless bras. I have to buy one for the wedding! 

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  • I was a size 12/14 when I went shopping, the samples usually fit me to the point where I could get a general idea of what I would look like.... It was actually rare for me not to be able to get the dress on... As for the bra, those women are so used to seeing everything that after my second visit looking for a dress I stopped even wearing my bra while trying on dresses. A lot of the dresses didn't even look right while having a strapless bra on.
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    I am a 14-16 as well and very busty.  The normal samples do not fit me.  What I did was search on my local board, and then I went online and searched "City+plus size bridal gowns" to look for salons that carry plus-sized samples.  I was able to find a bridal salon that has a big variety of larger sample sizes.  Most were too big on me, but it is easier for them to pull it so it looks like it fits than it is to see how a dress fits when the dress won't zip or is skin tight.

    I would highly recommend looking for a bridal salon with larger samples, so you can feel good about trying on bridal gowns instead of feeling icky afterward!!

    P.S. - if Milkwaukee doesn't have any and you feel like trekking to the Chicago suburbs, check out Volle's Bridal in Lake Zurich.  I'm from that area, and two of my BFFs got their gowns there (incidentally, my mom also got her BM dresses there!), and one of my BFFs is plus size.
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  • I agree with PP that suggested trying to find a bridal salon that specializes in plus sizes in your area. There are two near me that are wonderful and carry all sorts of designers, so hopefully you can find one too! You could also ask any store ahead of time (like when you call to make your appt) if they have a good variety of gowns in X size or up, and if they say no maybe just keep looking to avoid frustration.

    As far as bras go, I brought my own strapless like you did and only one store offered me a longline bra/ shapewear instead. I think your right that offering you their version of what you clearly already own is probably just trying to add to the sale.

    Good luck and have fun!
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