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Looking for something ver specific. HELP!

I am looking for a very specific style of unity candle, and I cant find it anywhere! My parents had a unity candle that was 2 halves and you light the 2 halves and then put the candle back together and it all melts together. Does anyone know where i can find one of these....IM DESPERATE!

Re: Looking for something ver specific. HELP!

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    THAT'S REALLY COOL!  I have been dying to think of something different than the normal candle or sand routine, and this looks like a cool idea!

    Hobby Lobby and other craft stores (JoAnne's, Michaels, etc) have candle-making kits for pretty cheap.  I wonder if you could fashion yourself a couple of "half candles" in order to reproduce this item for a fraction of the cost.

    Here's another option I ran across: the unity cross.  It's kind of classy, but also way expensive (I think about $65, the page won't load for me today).
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