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I didn't know if anyone had any suggestions/recommendations of hair stylists as well as makeup artists.  I'm getting married in downtown Pittsburgh near Macy's, and the hotel recommended contacting Macys to see if they would be able to do hair.  But, they also said they recommend hiring our own people to do hair/makeup at the hotel.  

The girl who has been cutting my hair my entire life doesn't do up-do's, so I don't know of anyone who is really good at hair...ideally, I'd want maybe like 3-4 hair people so the bridesmaids and I can get our hair done in a timely manner.  

I'd like a couple makeup artists to be there as well to do the girls' makeup.

Any recommendations/leads for me???  THANKS!

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    Check the recommended vendor list (link at the top of this board).  I'm using Brooke Rockwell for my hair, and I love what she did for my trial.  She and her sister are coming to our hotel the day of.  If you want more than 2 people, you're probably better off going to a salon.

    For makeup I'm using Clare from Ciel Cosmetics and I love her too!  Plus she has great prices.  She is also coming to the hotel.

    Since you're near Macy's, you may be able to do everything there (assuming they have a salon), with the makeup counters and all.

    Good luck!
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    I used Clare as well from Ciel Cosmetics and Monica Kitta for hair. All my bridesmaids and my mom and I got our hair done within 2 hours.
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    I used Brooke Rockwell and BEK Cosmetics, they both came to my hotel which was downtown.

    Brooke came alone and did 5 of my girls within 2 hours!!  She is fabulous!
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    I'm also using Clare from Ciel Cosmetics for makeup.  I loved my trial with her!  Allison Roth Studio has also been recommended for airbrush makeup/ eyelashes.

    For hair, I'm using Elisha Bowling, who can bring along other stylists as needed.  I can get you her contact info if interested- she's great!  Monica Kitta and Heather from Pretty Hair Salon are also recommended frequently on here.

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    thanks for the leads, ladies!

    if anyone else has recommendations, I'd still love to hear them!
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