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Favors- yes or no & Mason Jar Favor Ideas

I have been to several wedding recently that didn't do favors.  I realized that I wasn't upset or felt like I should have received a favor in return for my travels.  I am just wondering if this is becoming a trend.  I look at how much favors are and they are a good 300-500.  Just wondering what everyone thinks...

Also if I was going to do a favor I would want to do something in a mason jar.  I am wondering if people have DIY receipes for candles, cookie dough, etc.  

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Re: Favors- yes or no & Mason Jar Favor Ideas

  • I have been goin back and forth with whether or not to have favors also..... I am leaning towards no, but if I do, I am probably going to go with some type of candy buffet that guests can put into small, nice boxes or something......  As for the Mason Jars, I have seen on Pinterest sites for things like cookie mix in a jar, etc..... It looks like you pretty much put dry ingredients in a jar and attach a tag with directions for the rest. Pinterest has a ton of great ideas! Good luck! :)
  • They're not required but we did easy, inexpensive favors.  We had chocolate "suckers" made from the local candy store.  They are well known for their chocolate so it was well recieved and they were delicious.  We spent about $170 on 250 favors.

    Mason jars tend to be expensive to purchase in large enough quantities to use as favors.  I know when I made Christmas gifts using small mason jars, I paid around $1/jar.  Not to mention the supplies you'd need to fill them with cookie mix/candles, etc
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  • we are doing homemade apple butter in mason jars
  • We are using major jars for our guests to drink out of, and those are our favors! We may add a little touch of something on the tables but nothing much more!
  • RaeH42RaeH42
    My fiance wants to do mason jar favors but it's turning into quite a bit of money and a headache trying to find what we are putting in them and how many we need to do. We are having a photobooth and I was thinking of giving everyone a frame that they can put their photobooth picture in. Even that is up in the air. I'm leaning more towards not doing favors. I can't even tell you the favors I have received over the last few weddings I've been too.
  • I like favors. I don't judge people for not having them...but I'd miss them if they weren't something I'd throw away or eat.

    I would appreciate mason jars if they had something in them. I was considering doing one  or of the following: homemade hot fudge, apple butter, pumpkin butter, red pepper jelly. I know they would've been a hit.

    I also love photobooths, FWIW.
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  • Lindt.com is having a sale on their site right now.  You can get 3 bags of 75 truffles for $55.  I spent $110 on the truffles, $10 on tulle circles, and $4 on ribbon to make my favors.  If you gave each guest 4, that would give you around 112 favors. 
  • We are having a December wedding in Minnesota and we are filling small mason jars with hot chocolate ingredients and sprucing up the jars with lace or ribbon and labels or something like that. :)
  • We're doing homemade jam in small jars. Just finished the last flavour (apple jelly) last night. It wasn't hard because I do canning as a hobby, but it is a LOT to learn if you don't normally do canning/have the right equipment!
  • I usually always throw mine away unless it is edible or if it was something useful like a wine glass. I honestly think if you have the extra money it can add a special touch to your wedding, but if you don't have money and need to put that $500 towards a dress, food, flowers....etc (the more important stuff) than I say do not do them.

    We're doing welcome bags at the hotel, open bar all night, and a photobooth with a professional photographer. We think all of the above could be considered a "thank you" to our guests.

  • We had a horrible experience with Candy.com. They would not correct a wrong delivery for our son's wedding. Their product was to be the wedding favor. Knowing this, they still took our money, but would not deliver to the right place. These were to go in mason jars.
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    Some people don't find them necessary while others think it is a good way to say thank you for coming and make the guests feel like you thought of them.  Perhaps you could look into less expensive favors or something that you could make yourself.
  • I am leaning towards the candy buffet idea now!  
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