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I'm in the process of searching for a photographer & videographer. I'm hoping to get some feedback from everyone as far as which photo companies to avoid. I've only talked to two photographers so I'm keeping my options open.

Has anyone had any bad expereince with Eivans or Milestone photo & video? Can you let me know which photographers to book who are good, trustworthy and worth the price?


Re: Searching for photographer/videographer

  • You may want to post in your local board, you may get better responses there. 
  •  I hIred a photography company who will be traveling to me in Atlanta for the second time from Alabama and its a $800 flatrate . all day my wedding and my reception I also received free pre wedding photos. I especially like those because I got to see what the company photography was like before hand as opposed to relying on other photos of other weddings. They also offered planning and paper products but I had those already by the time I found them. They're called prime design and photography and I don't have the 1800 number anymore but you can reach the owner at 205 675 4515 they've been great so far and I'm getting a lot for a small price I really recommend them
  • I just got married and absolutely LOVED my photographer! She was fast, knows what she wants, interacts well with everyone involved, creative and has such a great style of photography. I was very picky about finding the right photographer since pictures are what you're going to keep with you for years as memories of your special day. 
    Her company is located in Charleston, SC, but she travels the continental US for free! Check out her website and contact them ASAP!
    hope this helps!!
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