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Wanted Videographer for Harrisburg, PA Wedding


I am trying to find a Videographer with equipment to record from a church's sound system. Ultimately, I am looking for ceremony recording, but would like to have some key reception parts recorded as well if I can afford it. My fiance and I are on a tight budget, so I was hoping to work something out for under $500 or around that price if possible. The wedding will be on May 25th (this year) at 11:30am the reception starts at 1pm. Please contact me with an offer/bid. [email protected]

Re: Wanted Videographer for Harrisburg, PA Wedding

  • Try posting this on your local board to the left.
  • Rosa - You keep posting the same review/video.  Have you seen a map of the US lately?  Harrisburg is not near NY.  The OP stated she was on a tight budget.  Why in the world would you recommend a vendor that is hours away??  

    You obviously have a vested interest in this vendor because you don't post anything else except this.  Reported.
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