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Engagement Pictures in AZ- Sedona locations?

Hi! I am trying to find the perfect location to shoot my engagement pictures. My fiance and I have special memories of Sedona and are charmed by the beautiful scenery up there. Anyone know of specific locations in Sedona that would be good for engagement pictures? When would be the best time to go up there for photos? Thank you!!

Re: Engagement Pictures in AZ- Sedona locations?

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  • Im in Flagstaff, I'd say sometime in April early May, the weather is beautiful now, not to hot and it hasn't snowed in a while so there wont be mud and dirty snow everywhere. In Sedona you can't go wrong with any of the red rocks as a back ground or walking along the main street shops, it would make a cute background, especially since you can see the red rocks in the background standing in front of a shop, and from all angles downtown. Slide rock is right next to Sedona, follow the road that leads to Flagstaff, OR come to Flagstaff. Lake Mary is nice this time of year, or near the Peaks. Hope this helps!!
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