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Urbane Wedding Company - Any Experiences?

I was wondering if anyone has used, or know anyone else who used "Urbane Wedding Company" for video?


I found them in my search and they are a big national company that hires videographers everywhere and does the editing in their home location of AZ.  But since they are so big they can give awesome prices.... but it's really unpersonalized and production line-y. 


You don't get assigned a videographer until 2 weeks before and *maybe* you can meet them then but usually not. I mean it could totally not be a big deal at all and work out GREAT and their videos look good (seems like their editing team is on it!) but it seems perhaps too good to be true....


Anyway, I was wondinging if anyone had ANY experience working with them that they could share!  Thanks SO much! :)

Re: Urbane Wedding Company - Any Experiences?

  • Urbane is really good. We hired Urbane for our wedding to do photography and they were awesome!!!!! With anything you correspond and always tell your vendor EXACTLY what you want. It's YOUR day. Usually, you don't get EXACTLY what you want, its the real world, but if you can get a vendor to be flexible, that's all you can ask for. As long as its within reason, they should try to at least work with you. For the price and the quality of their work, I couldn't complain at all! I was really not worried about meeting my photog a few weeks ahead of time personally because from what I heard about Urbane from credible people I trusted that all of their artists are super professional. Still, I spoke to my photographer Mark about 21 days before our wedding and again ten days prior. So i met w/ him twice and both times we were on the smae page so i was pretty pleased. He showed up early to my wedding and was really on the ball the entire day. He took some amazing photos and they came back FLAWLESS! I loved the pcitures and wouldn't change a thing with them! So that was my experience, but its pretty consistent with what ive heard from others. i liked going with a big company because they know what theyre doing but at the same time Urbane treats you really well. it always pays to have a vendor with resources and they def do!
  • Not sure how accurate this is, but my dad is a lawyer and is looking into this. I think weddingwire or the news is trying to cover up this for some reason. Ive emailed the reporter numerous times and continually I get ignored when I ask about the Yusuf Joseph guy on Google and the business trademark as being the owner. This all just doesnt make sense to me.....Im thinking we might be on to another owner now!! HOPEFULLY THIS ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILTY FOR WHAT HAPPENED. 

    I was also given the two links below and at least this is starting to make more sense! 

    My dad also said that if the owner is Yusuf Joseph its going to come down to the dates of ownership to figure out where this ball was dropped, so look at your wedding date. If your wedding date was June or AFTER and you had a missing videographer it may be the new owner dropping the ball, also if your wedding date was before June and you DID HAVE a videographer just no footage and apparently the News now has the footage then once again looks like someone dropped the ball. Before June = all was good, just no footage (now with news) After June = No footage and No videographer. This looks to me like a new owner RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of all of these complaints. The reporter Joe Ducey did inform me that someone that was a previous editor is trying to edit all this footage and fix it....draw the lines (because on the LinkedIn it seems this guy is an editor) FRUSTRATING.

  • @bridalplans33: what if you paid a deposit and now cannot get ahold of anyone? Do you have any sudggestions?
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