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ok for bridesmaids to all wear diffferent shoes

Hello there!

My girls are wearing plum colored knee length dresses. all four girls are wearing the same dress, but they all want differnt shoes. I know for sure that one wants silver and another wants black.

I would like your opinion on how you think it might look if the bridesmiads all have different styles of shoes and some had black shoes and some had silver shoes but were all in the exact same dress.
not sure if i should make everyone buy black shoes because black is more available

thanks for your thoughts

Re: ok for bridesmaids to all wear diffferent shoes

  • Personally, I would never notice anyone's shoes.


  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Yes. I have no idea what shoes my bridesmaids wore. 
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  • I might notice the different shoes, but I wouldn't care if they were different.
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    You're over thinking this. They can wear whatever they find comfortable. Well, except maybe chucks or toms.
  • Personally visually it would look better if they are at least the same color, but at the end of the day people really will not notice or remember.  My girls are wearing plum dresses too, but with any silver shoe of their choice. 

  • I told my bridesmaids they could wear any black or silver shoe with their purple dresses. I think it looked fine and I doubt anyone really even noticed.

  • I actually like when everyone wears different (normal :)) shoes since it shows a little personality, and like PP's mentioned, most people aren't even going to notice!  Let them wear whatever they want. 
  • thanks everybody!!! that helps a lot! one less thing to obsess about! lol
  • one of my bridesmaids didn't wear shoes at all.  not a single person noticed or cared.
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  • Not to throw a wrench in the mix... Shoes dont matter during the day, but for your pictures you may notice if someone has black shoes and the others have silver. Maybe ask them to wear the same color for the ceremonry and pictures? I am a perfectonist, maybe other people dont notice these things!
  • Sure, you might notice the difference between black and silver shoes in photos, but as Tami illustrated, it doesn't look bad! I had my girls choose any nude, bronze, gold, or brown shoes they liked. This was the effect:

  • Personally, if I see all the bridesmaids with matching accessories, I always assume the bride was controlling.  Why would you want you BMs to look like clones?

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  • If you are paying for the shoes, I suppose you can get them to wear whatever shoes you want (within reason), but I don't think it really matters if some wear black and some wear silver.  I would never notice the shoes myself. 
  • I have bridesmaids with very different styles - so because I dictated the dress (one style) the shoes and accessories are up to them! I think it will still look nice, and the girls are going for neutral colors so I dont think it is a big deal to have one dress and many shoes.
  • My bridesmaids are all wearing different shoes they just have to all be silver. Same for the jewelry, it can be different as long as its silver. 
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