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Hair and Makeup

As part of my wedding budget I made sure to include some pampering money for the day of the wedding. So I made an appointment for myself and my BM's to get our hair and makeup done. It's more of a let's relax and have fun time and get pampered a little bit. I am paying for everything and am letting my BM's choose their own hairstyles and how they would like their makeup done. To clarify this is not their gift - I got each one of the BM's a clutch and a few other little things that I would of typically gotten them as a birthday gift and will be giving this to them at the rehearsal dinner (I think - this detail I haven't decided on).

So here is my question...one of my BM's wants to do her own makeup. Since I won't be paying for her to get her makeup done should I get her a gift card for the salon? It's the same place she goes to normally get her hair trimmed and dyed. The hair and makeup is about $75 per person, so I feel like I should do something for her since I'm not spending on her makeup.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Hair and Makeup

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I am going to say no to the gift card.  To me you are being nice and paying for their hair and makeup for you wedding day if they so choose to get it done.  But just because they decide that they do not want it professionaly done does not mean that you should still have to fork over the money you were going to use for that person.

    It would be like my boss buying everyone lunch from Chic-Fil-A but then me being like "well I want lunch from Panera."  I certainly wouldn't expect my boss to hand over $10 just because I didn't want to get lunch from the place she is purchasing from.

    Do you KWIM?  Did that at all make any sense?

  • Would she be interested in another service?  Like nails?  If not, then don't just give her cash, it's kind of weird.  She can just hang out and chat if she wants, or meet up with you all later.
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  • Makes sense. Thanks. I wasn't sure how to handle it. i thought about the other service and getting her nails done. But she's a jeweler and she declined the nails - which I understand. Thanks for the advice!
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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    If she's not going to use the person you offered to pay for, then no, you're not obligated to pay for the person she chooses.
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