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My Fiances family is very tight knit , and last night over dinner his Aunt, who is also his Godmother, insisted that she'll close her restaurant down for the day and we'll do everything there, no questions about it.

I don't really have any plans now, and that is extremely generous of her, her restaurant is very successful here and to offer to shut it down for the day is very nice of her. We're both a little in shock because we know that will include food and bar, which was going to be a huge bit of budget before, but I hadn't exactly dreamed that my wedding would include Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine, the chef on staff is great and i'm certain he'd cook up anything we asked him for on the side.

The big picture lets me know this is okay: All our friends and family love the restuarant as do we, the food is great and they spend a considerable amount of time there, there is a very nice seating area, bar, and even a covered patio - it's downtown and very near to their homes.

Overall what i'm asking is - has anyone had a successful restaurant wedding, preferably one without a theme, and how did it work out?

Also, was the ceremony there, or just the reception?
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