Wedding Woes

people need to quit grousing that we need more tutors, today.

1-I already gave someone extra hours that aren't 'budgeted' for this week.  And it's not like I have extra assistants in my back pocket.

2-It's effing exam week, of course the tutoring center is busy.  (and oura ssistants have exams too, so, NO, I'm not requiring them to work extra.  Actually, blanket policy is, if they say they NEED a day off to study this week, I grant it)

3-Dude, we're open, free of charge, 50+ hours per week, all semester.  I've never seen you until today.  Obviously passing wasn't important to you for the past 10 weeks, don't pretend it's suddenly urgent

4-Really, this is math...if you're struggling with what you were supposed to learn in week 1, chances are, you're kinda screwed.  You can drop until 5:00 today..

Now I"m done for the moment.
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