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this is a follow-up to this post:

per dg's recommendation, i got a shark liftaway pro. i followed her advice, all the way down to using the coupon at bbb.

our house is all hardwood and tile.  there is one rug, an 8x10 wool rug, in baby mo's room. (i don't consider the entryway rug to be a "real" rug because i just take it outside, shake it (the rug), and then hrow it back on the floor.)
oh -- the sunroom is carpeted, but we haven't used it because it is too cold.

we've owned this eureka bagged model for years; it was some consumers reports best buy or something.  i don't think it is made anymore.

okay, so i've been loving how lightweight it is and whatever, and it's kind of fun to see the giant dustball form in the cloud.  we've been using the dusting pad almost exclusively, and then the eureka on baby mo's rug.  so this weekend, i used the actual rotator brush of the shark on the rug.


okay, so his rug is various stripes of green and blue.  so as i am running the vaccum over the rug, it is just picking up INSANE amounts of ... well, horror, really.  i mean, it is making this green and blue giant wad of cotton candy in the canister.  and it's layered -- like, i can see where i switched from vacuuming the blue stripes to vacuuming the green stripes.

i look down, and i can see the beater slowly changing colors from green to blue and back again as i am vacuuming.

one 8x10 rug: i emptied the canister three times.  baby mo was just staring at me, "momma vacuuming?  again?  what's IN there?"  dude, i know.

i can't tell if the vacuum is insanely good or the rug was just beyond filthy.

the weather is turning now, and all our sunroom furniture arrived.  i will probably need to clean that room.  i am frightened.

Re: product review

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    It is teh awesome, is it not? 

    I remember when I was shopping, even Min endorsed it. 

    Our house is 100% hardwood and tile, with a few rugs scattered about. I remember going over and over and over the rugs with the old vacuum. This one is SO FAST. 

    Glad you are enjoying it. Keep us posted on the sunroom. :)

  • So you can use this on both carpet and hard floors?  Man, I want it.
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  • yes.  the only thing i don't like is that you can't store everything on the vacuum itself -- like, the long crevice tool doesn't have a holster, so we have a small box of vacuum attachments in a box in the closet.

    but i will live because seriously -- amazing.
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