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Escort Cards to match food choice

Hey guys, I need some suggestions.  We are having our guests pick their meal choice on the RSVP, three choices.  The cater wants us to match the escort card with the guests meal choice so when they bring the food out they know who gets what, I guess this is a common practice.  Now I am trying to decide what kind of escort card to do and I am driving myself crazy!!!  Any suggestions?!  I thought of maybe wine bottles with a customized label and a tag with the guests name...I would do white wine (chicken) red wine (steak) and blush (fish).  Thoughts?  This would double as the favor!

Re: Escort Cards to match food choice

  • I would worry that people would switch the wine for what they preferred or trade with each other, so that would confuse the meal selection.  I would go with one kind of wine if that is what you use.  (Remember favors are not required.)  Also, you would need to make sure that your venue is ok with you bringing in alcohol and providing it as a favor.

    You can just use different stickers on the escort cards to designate the meal choice.  Not too complicated.

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    Every wedding I've been to just does a colored dot or sticker.

  • My thought would be something like a wine charm on their water glass (I sell a set that would be perfect for this kind of thing)-- but like others have said, i'm not sure if people wouldn't understand the symbolism, and switch colors with someone next to them.  That being said....at least all the food would end up at the right table? =)

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    I like the colour code idea, but wanted to make another suggestion as well. You could print or stamp a little image of chicken, beef, fish, or vegetarian, depending what your options are.

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  • I a color coded ribbon accent to the card.
  • Ahh thanks for your ideas, I never thought of people switching, which would cause a problem!  Back to the drawing board!!  Maybe its best if I color coordinate the ribbons, thats not a bad idea and cheaper :)

  • This is what we're doing (taken of DIY section of weddingbee)

    It will say something along the lines of
    Mrs. John Doe
    Table 9

    and the ribbon will denote the food choice.

    You can buy tented business cards for cheap and the ribbon at Michael's.
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