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Involving your own kid in ceremony

I was wondering if any of those brides that already have a child (or more) were doing anything to involve, or mention them during the ceremony.  Any special readings about family or something like that?  My FI and I have a child, and he will be 10 months at the ceremony, and I would like to make a special note that our family is 3 (not just 2)

Any help/ides would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: Involving your own kid in ceremony

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    Most people on this board are against the idea of having children involved in the ceremony and I tend to agree with them. Personally I think you should dress him up cute, take LOTS of pictures with him, and maybe give him a special gift at the rehearsal dinner. He is 10 months so won't remember this day or understand any of the meaning of it. Also a wedding ceremony is really just about 2 adults and the commitment they are making to each other.

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    My brother in laws wedding had their children (6 and a baby) go down the aisle with them at the end of the ceremony so they all walked out as a family. It was cute, and a 'just right' amount of having the kids in the ceremony.
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    my daughter (3) is the FG, his son (2) is our RB, and his other son (10) is walking down with the RB or maybe just by himself...haven't decided
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    My son is 7 and will be the ring bearer. He wants to be included and we want him to be included. There was a post mentioning that some people are against including their children in their wedding.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but to me, If we can include our friends in our bridal party/wedding, why wouldn't we include our family let alone our son!

    For your 10 month old son, although he is young he can be included in pictures or perhaps a prayer.

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    Our daughter will be 2.5 and her godparents are bringing her up during the unity candle ceremony and she'll have her own little candle to add to the family flame.

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