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Okay, so I am in desperate need of finding a small reception venue for 35-40 people.  There needs to be on-site food, perhaps a small dance area, and would like something with a great ambiance.  First choice was Cafe Cortina, but seeing as the wedding is THIS June, they are booked for the Friday night we need.  Any and all suggestions are welcome, including restaurants with private rooms.  Additionally, an outside reception area (patio or garden) would be ideal, but isn't absolutely necessary.  Budget wise needs to be less than $100 per person, including alcohol.  Also tried Vinology's Bubble Room in Ann Arbor, but it's the end of restaurant week and has an extra high minimum for that night.  Ahhh...help, please!

Re: Small Reception Venue

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    Check into the following:

    The Whitney in Detroit, near Wayne State. Lovely building, you could probably get a party that size around $100 per person or less (although I've never looked into it)

    I used tripadvisor.com exclusively when booking our honeymoon in CA 18 months ago. I suggest you look into the restaurants, link here:


    I'm sure there are many restaurants in the Detroit area that house a party that size, with a dance floor.

    Also, check into the casinos in downtown Detroit.

    Good luck.

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