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Wtoo Mimi Size 4 for sale

HI there-

I just got married last weekend - and am needing to sell my dress because I live in a tiny studio apartment and we just can't fit it in the closet!

I bought this dress new in a size 4 (and truthfully, I wear a size 6 dress and a size 8 jean) and I had it altered a bit - I had it taken in in the bust and hemmed to skim the floor.  I stand 5'4 1/2 and I wore 3" heels.

There are no stains or marks on the body of the dress, but the hem is dirty from the dance floor.  So, to be honest, I would buy this dress if you intend to hem about 2" to hide the marks.  If you are really trying to save money, I wouldn't even dry clean it - I swear to you it does not have the faintest scent of anything!  It could use a steam iron, however.  I also have the leftover material from the alterations in case you need it.  

My wedding was 3/23/13 and I have a few candid shots from friends but no professional pictures yet.  

Please feel free to contact me regarding this dress - it was PERFECT!  

Asking $500 - I'll pay the shipping!  

Thanks -  Christine

Re: Wtoo Mimi Size 4 for sale

  • I bought this dress as well for our wedding in December. I was wondering if it was hard to dance in? I am contemplating selling it and buying something smaller and more form fitting. What was it like for you?
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