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satellite reception location TBD - invitation etiquette


I'm having a wedding ceremony and reception in Germany in July. It's an international wedding (I'm American, he's German) and I really need to send the invites out soon - per etiquette. I sent out Save the Dates 5 months ago. But, I read that I must have the formal invites out sometime in April.

The problem is that I'm also having a satellite reception in New York City in August for my family and friends who can't afford to come to Germany. But, I don't know where that location will be and it's unlikely I'll have anything settled until May (for reasons unimportant here).

Would it be okay to put on the sattelite reecption invite (it's a seperate enclosure card in a pocket with the main invitation) that the location is TBD? I can put a start time of 6pm and say that information will be provided at a future date on our website.

Is that okay?

Or would it be better to just send out the formal invitations sometime in May (many of which won't arrive in Germany until June). We're asking for an RSVP date by June 20. That will be hard for the Germans to turn around.

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